Monday, December 27, 2010

Reusing your rubbish by

I think it's important this Boxing Day to think about how we will dispose of all our Christmas waste.  I try to be fairly carefully when filling my council rubbish bag and I try to recycle or reuse wherever I can.  Of course a lot of this effort goes out the window during Christmas time when you just want a quick tidy up.  We are lucky that we have local ducks and birds all too willing to help with food scraps and what they don't eat goes into compost.  All paper and card goes into the fortnightly paper collection and we have two huge recycle bins for plastics, tins and glass. has some great ideas for reusing what you otherwise may have thrown out - definitely worth a look even if you think you're on the right track (nothing like a bit of affirmation that you're doing the best you can)

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